Bombay to Beijing By Bicycle Appears at the 2008 Edinburgh Fringe Festival


Squeaky Board would like to thank some very special people who helped create ‘Bombay to Beijing by Bicycle’: Kimberley Grigg and Adam Pierzchalski for direction and work-shopping, Alan Griffiths for original music and sound effects, Graeme Wiggins for yet again another fabulous website and poster, Ryan Hodge for lighting design and all round solid guy, Aurora Kurth, Alice Bishop, Barry Liang and David Woods for character work and suggestions, Sue Ingleton for dramaturgy and direction on the original Castlemaine Arts Festival show which was played brilliantly by Mark Pegler.Not forgetting of course my publicist Laura Cameron who has helped out in more ways the one and lastly my wonderful lady, Sarah Jane, who has always supported any of my creative pursuits and my sister Fiona McGilton who somehow manages to rabble audiences to my shows through her endless networks.

Lastly, I’d like to thank the people of Edinburgh for coming to the show and just as importantly, the people of India who were always warm and hospitable and have left me with the most wonderful of memories.

Russell McGilton
Squeaky Board Theatre

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